In add /edit node page under publish options there are four option available

Published Promoted to front page Sticky at top of lists Create new revision

Is there a possibility to add a 5th one for example Active and can use that option in views so that only the nodes which are they appear other nodes must not.

I am a themer not a coder so, I would really appreciate if your answer can also contain the code or reference or descriptive how to steps.

Thanks in advance

  • Not precisely, but you could create a 'single checkbox' text field in your content and then filter on that value in Views.
    – Jimajamma
    Sep 17 '12 at 15:39

I think you can do it without adding the 5th option, if you familiar to Views module, and Taxonomy module, you can simply add vocabulary(in Taxonomy configuration) and add Term - for example Active, next you can add field to your Content Type(Article or whatever) and now if you want to post an article you can chose - Active term. Next step, create new view, add whatever you want(body, title, etc) and in Views/Contextual filters add new filter -> has Taxonomy term ID input the Active id, and now you are done.

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