I have a website where only users I select can join. When they join I put them in one of three groups.

Team A, Team B, and Team C.

The group is private and the content inside the group is private.

I have a content type called "Announcement" that is a group content. (as seen below)

enter image description here

Any member in a team can create content for that specific team. I also need any member in that team to be able to edit any "Announcement" even if it isn't there own. (as seen below)

enter image description here

Create new Announcement: works Edit own Announcement: works edit any Announcement: doesn't work Delete own Announcement: works

I'm having trouble troubleshooting this issue, and it's an integral part of my website. Any suggestions?


Organic groups global permissions (path admin/config/group/permissions) have to be set as well to grant privileges to group roles (in your use case you probably only need to use the default "member" one).

This way the same user could have "administrative" rights in one group and "normal" rights in another.

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