Is there a way we can specify which link to use to sort a drupal table, or atleast, specify some parameters to the header links?

To be more clear, my table uses the following link when I click on the headers to sort the table: http://mysite.com/node?sort=asc&order=Name

What I would like the header link to look like is this: http://mysite.com/node?nid=123&pager_element_id=3&sort=desc&order=Name

Is there any way we can give the parameters to the header links?


The code that outputs the links for the table header is contained in tablesort_header().

$cell['data'] = l($cell['data'] . $image, $_GET['q'], array('attributes' => array('title' => $title), 'query' => array_merge($ts['query'], array('sort' => $ts['sort'], 'order' => $cell['data'])), 'html' => TRUE));

The function is called from theme_table(), which is the theme function used to render a table.

What you can do is implementing your theme function that is then used to render the table your module is outputting. There isn't any other method, as theme_table() is not getting any parameter that changes the URL for the table header; as such, implementing hook_preprocess_table() would not achieve anything.

To implement a theme function, you need to declare it using hook_theme().

function mymodule_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) {
  return array(
    'mymodule_table' => array(
      'variables' => array('header' => NULL, 'rows' => NULL, 'attributes' => array(), 'caption' => NULL, 'colgroups' => array(), 'sticky' => TRUE, 'empty' => ''),

Once you declared the theme function, you can use it as you used theme_table(), simply replacing any call to theme('table', /* the rest of the arguments */) with theme('mymodule_table', /* the rest of the arguments */). Notice that in hook_theme() the theme function is referred as mymodule_table, but the PHP function is theme_mymodule_table().

The code you need for your theme function is the same used by theme_table(), except that instead of calling tablesort_header() it will call your own function.

foreach ($header as $cell) {
  $cell = tablesort_header($cell, $header, $ts); // Replace it with the call to your function.
  $output .= _theme_table_cell($cell, TRUE);
  • Could you please clarify, as I don't grasp the idea of implementing it in the theme function.
    – SN_26
    Oct 3 '12 at 5:48

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