I was wondering if there is a way to convert SimpleNews subscribers into actual Drupal users?

Currently, I have something similar going on using custom fields in the user-register form, but wanted to know if I can leverage the Simplenews module for my needs.

I want to create a block where users can register to receive weekly e-mails in which they receive information about our weekly ad.



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this may be useful http://bouteillenicolas.com/expertise-drupal/simplenews-save-subscribers-info

All you have to do is use rules, create a webform, and then use rules that handdles that webform and create the suscriber and the the user using the information sended through the webform


From the simplenews api:

 * Act after a new subscriber has been created.
 * @ingroup subscriber
function hook_simplenews_subscriber_insert($subscriber) {


This is a hook function that is executed every time there is a new subscriber. You must use this function in your module replacing 'hook' by your module name. Try the following code:

 * Implements hook_simplenews_subscriber_insert().
function mymodule_simplenews_subscriber_insert($subscriber) {
  $user = new stdClass();
  $user->name = 'happyUser';
  $user->mail = $subscriber->mail;
  $user->pass = 'password';
  $user->status = 1; // omit this line to block this user at creation
  // save the user
  $user = user_save($user);
  // connect the subscriber with the user
  $subscriber->uid = $user->uid;

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