The Pressflow site mentions that it is used by many Drupal 6 sites, and in the FAQ, in answer to the question "What's the deal with Pressflow 7?" says

Pressflow 6 made significant improvements to Drupal core in scalability and performance and most of these features have been contributed back to Drupal 7 core. Until well understood performance patches are created for Drupal 7 Pressflow development will be slow. Additionally, as Drupal 8 matures, significant enhancements will likely be backported to Pressflow 7.

That sounds to me like a very indirect way of implying that there are lots of problems with Pressflow 7 that cause people to avoid using it, but stated in a way that no one would understand unless they're already aware of the problems. The answer seems like more of an explanation (indirect and implied) of why there are problems, than really an explanation of what the situation is with Pressflow 7.

So, can anyone tell me in plain English what the situation is? Is there some reason I wouldn't want to replace a normal Drupal 7 site with Pressflow 7? Or some reason it is simply impossible? (Or is the problem simply that Pressflow 7 has not been optimized to the same degree that Pressflow 6 has?)

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    Have you run a diff to what the difference are? The last time I did this (granted it was probably around the time Drupal 7.9 was out), the source trees were sufficiently identical.
    – mpdonadio
    Commented Nov 28, 2012 at 15:09

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It's not that there are problems with Pressflow 7, but that there are no significant benefits to it at this time. This is stated in the lines above your quote:

If your project is built on Drupal 7 you might not need to use Pressflow at this time because the key enhancements from Pressflow 6 were added to Drupal 7.

You could use Pressflow 7 as a replacement, but why bother if there are no advantages? (I haven't actually used Pressflow 7 because of this).

  • I wish they would have put that bit in the answer to "What's the deal with Pressflow 7?" Anyway, thanks!
    – iconoclast
    Commented Nov 28, 2012 at 17:22

Pressflow is a Drupal fork. Pressflow 6's code is different from Drupal 6, and it is more performant. (Pressflow 6 is used on Drupal.org, as far as I know.)
What the quoted text means is that, since some of the code used from Pressflow 6 became part of Drupal 7 (thanks to the patches offered from the team who develops Pressflow), the development of Pressflow 7 is slowing down. Once the development of Drupal 8 is more stable, the code of Drupal 8 will be possibly back-ported to Pressflow 7.

At the actual state, Pressflow 7 is more performant of Drupal 6, but it is similar to Drupal 7.

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