for drupal 6.x I have a vocabulary with terms car1 car2

and a vocabulary with terms red blue yellow

how can to do this 2 menu 1) car1 | car2 (this really how a select)

2) Allcolor | red | blue | yellow

3) here the results

when I click on car1 I have a page with all the car1's color nodes (and the Allcolor menu active) url think so must to be: /car1

if I click on red I have the result of car1 red nodes /car1?category=red if select blue /car1?category=blue

when am on red under car1 and click on car2 I have the red car2 results /car2?category=red

not sure if the url is so, but which is solution for to do this functionality?

I know that is simple with only one vocabulary type this car1 red blue yellow car2 red blue yellow

but I must to do with distinct vocabulary; the terms really are more

  • use views expose filter.
    – monymirza
    Commented Dec 7, 2012 at 4:58

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for every views is necessary to have one exposed; but isn't possible manage the

1) car1 | car2 menu1 2) Allcolor | red | blue | yellow menu2

menu2 how a submenu of menu1, also if isn't a unique vocabulary?

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