I am using Field Collection Views in Drupal and everything works fine, except Sorting. I am able to rearrange the Field Collection items in Edit form using both drag-and-drop also manually using Row weights option.

I would like the the Field Collection View results to be sorted by this Row weight, could you please guide how I could acheive this.


This could be achieved by creating a relationship, and using Delta to sort. Let us say that the field collection field's name in the entity is field_slides.

Create a relationship with 'Field collection item: Entity with the Slides (field_slides)'. Check the box for - Require this relationship

  • This worked for me. I created a relationship for the field collection first, then created another relationship with the individual field collection field. – Web Assistant May 2 '14 at 16:05
  • +1, after creating the relationship, it does the magic. I did not need to add the sort criteria. Adding sort criteria shows duplicate record for me as delta for that field collection field is different for a same record. – sumanchalki Jul 1 '15 at 7:04

Found a very easy workaround via DraggableViews module and it works just fine.. the step-by-step instructions could be found here..

Custom Sort Drupal Content with the Draggable Views Module

Thanks to the Author - Kronda Adair. :-)

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