I have a block with the id 'block-block-8'. In my template.php I would like to have a function that changes that block's content so I am able to add a dynamic "back to category link" (category needs to come frome the url) on my products page back to the category page.

Something like this:

function ga2012_block_view($delta = '') {
  $block = array();
  switch ($delta) {
    case 'block-block-8':
      $block = array(
        'content' => '<a href="/order/4/workshops">Back to $_GET["category"]</a>',

  return $block;

Does someone has a working implementation of this code? Please ask me questions if I haven't been clear enough, thanks!


You might try with hook_block_view_MODULE_DELTA_alter which:

Performs alterations to a specific block

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  • I enabled the PHP filter module and added the PHP code into the block via the admin interface. This works for me. – user5706 Jan 13 '13 at 15:58

In your case, the best solution is to use hook_block_view_MODULE_DELTA_alter as @Artur explained. But there is another way to to customize a custom bloc programmatically using an update function (inside a .install file) in drupal 7 by using:

$content = 'your new content';

$num_update = db_update('block_custom')
                ->fields(['body' => $content,])
                ->condition('bid', your_block_id, '=')
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