I have created field collection and added it to my content type. I have created a node, and now user can add field collections on this node. But i need to write into a file(some stuff) when user added new field collection or updated it. I need something like hook_node_insert and hook_node_update, i cant find anything for field collection.

In preprocess_node i have outputed field_collection_field and its returns only ids, and i can get them only by this code:

 $field_ids = array();
            //context_node = my current node,
            //field_block_id == field collection field
            foreach ($context_node->field_block_id['und'] as $element) {
                $field_ids[] = $element['value'];
 $field_collection = entity_load('field_collection_item', $field_ids);
  • Did you dpm($node); your hook_node_insert ? Commented Jan 31, 2013 at 16:22

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A Field Collection Item is an entity, so the equivalents of the node hooks are hook_entity_insert()

Act on entities when inserted.

And hook_entity_update()

Act on entities when updated.

  • this is what i am looking for Commented Jan 31, 2013 at 16:43

the field collection APIs are defined in the field_collection.api.php

The hook function that would interest you is hook_field_collection_item_presave()

 * Acts on a field collection item being inserted or updated.
 * This hook is invoked before the field collection item is saved to the database.
 * @param FieldCollectionItemEntity $field_collection_item
 *   The field collection item that is being inserted or updated.
 * @see hook_entity_presave()
function hook_field_collection_item_presave(FieldCollectionItemEntity $field_collection_item) {
  $field_collection_item->name = 'foo';

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