Recently, I've noticed that drupal.org has added user profile fields for areas such as adding drupal ID's for attributing thanks to some mentors.

I was curious as to see if there currently is a means or process of seeking or finding a drupal mentor online or through drupal.org? I would ask people in person but i really don't know that many drupalers at the current moment.

Would the best place to look be the forums on Drupal.org? Or just persistent begging on IRC? I would eventually like to mentor others myself once i feel comfortable


Welcome to Drupal! There are established core-office-hours for folks looking for mentorship (and looking to mentor); Your best best is to start there and outline your skill set. Someone will be more than happy to help. See http://drupal.org/core-office-hours - So you don't have to beg in IRC. Just show up at the appropriate time. :)


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