I have a number of users admins (group: "users_admin") who create users who can view content (in many groups, like "students_a", "students_b", "students_c", and so on).

Is there a way to filter the users by their creators?

Let me clarify:

  • User "A" from "users_admin" create a user "S1" in "students_a".
  • User "B" from "users_admin" creates a user "S2" in "students_a".

I would like to be able to differentiate users created by "A" and "B", has anyone done that before? Is it possible?

I hope I made myself clear enough; please tell me if you need some clarifications.

Thanks in advance for you insights!

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Drupal, by default, does not keep any authoring information of users.

However, there is a module for that! Try Sub User module. It uses Relation module to maintain the relationship with parent user.

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