How do you create a webform on a node insert?

I create an event content type and want to automatically add a webform with 3 fields (lastname, firstname, e-mail) on node insert of the event. I do not want the client to add the webform each time he creates an event node. I want a webform per node.


Under /admin/config/content/webform you can enable your event content type for webforms, and the form will be created as part of the node creation process.

Edit: Misunderstood!

Webforms are one-off forms. If I now understand correctly, you want to re-use a standard form on each event page (only one form created).

To do this, create a webform with the required fields, and while editing the form, go to the webform tab > Form Settings. Under Advanced Settings at the bottom select 'Available as Block'.

You can then use the Block settings to display the form on every Event page as required.

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