Before working on a site, I take a quick dump of a site via drush arb --destination=/var/backup/latest.tgz --overwrite from the root level /var/www/html.

However, on the rare occasion that I need to restore via drush arr ../backup/latest.rgz --overwrite, I end up with a restored database but the file structure is written to /var/www/html/html.

Would drush arr ../backup/latest.rgz --overwrite --destination=/var/www/ solve this issue? Do I just continue to muddle through withmv /var/www/html/html* /var/www/html?

How can I get drush to write to the actual root level for the default drupal site?

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the --destination flag surely works to say where. I'm not quite sure if the outcome would be a mix of the former and the latter system though. Probably the writing does not delete the old files. It would be safer to delete them manually prior to archive recover.

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