I see that quicktabs uses blocks as tabs. This is fine if i create 4 views blocks for 4 single items of a content type and then add them to quick tabs manually.

Is there a workaround to show the latest 4 items of a certain content type using quick tabs and views?


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Is this not just a matter of editing the view block to show four items rather than one? Under "Pager" in the view, select "Display a specified number of items" and then the quantity you prefer.

  • yep, the problem I was having was an error with quick tabs and the view but it's working fine now.
    – rix
    Mar 6, 2013 at 12:54

for the specific content type, add a filter : specific content type nd sort by date decreased nd limite the number of resulets by pager, nd use offser if you want too.

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