I am creating a community site using Drupal7. The users of my site should be able to report other users as spam users. For this I am using the Flag module. I have created a flag called Report User for Abuse, and placed it on the user profile so that other users may report the user by clicking on the flag.

I want that the flagging user should give a small summary for the reason he or she is reporting the other user as spam etc.

Once this was done, I created a view for the site admin which shows him/her all the reported users. The admin may then see the reason, verify it and take appropriate actions. Am I going in the right way about this or is there any other way as well?


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Why not use the Flag Note module.

Extends the Flag Module to allow users to enter a note when they flag a piece of content and eventually build a flag history.

Usage examples:

  • flag nodes or comments for abuse providing a descriptive reason
  • flag users as friends leaving a hint

It's possible to opt to keep old notes even when the content gets unflagged


Try this module Flagging Form. It says

you could now attach fields to Flags, this module, Flag forms, provides a form for filling out these fields.

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