I have a Simplenews subscription block for the anonymous users of my site. When they enter their name and email address and hit subscribe, a mail is sent to their email ID for confirmation. It is a single confirmation email.

When i see the mail it displays the variable names that i am using. For eg :

1) The subject of the mail is Confirmation for !newsletter_name.
2) please use the link below, then click "Subscribe" on the web page that will open: !confirm_subscribe_url

How can it be fixed?

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I am guessing you upgraded from D6. The tokens you are using are D6 tokens.

Go to /admin/config/services/simplenews/settings/subscription and change the tokens. For instance, the default subject for D7 is :

Confirmation for [simplenews-category:name] from [site:name]

Note the new (D7) token format. You can find he new tokens by expanding 'Replacement patterns'.


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