I need to output some javascript codes as well as form fields.

I am using Drupal 6 and form API to build the form. How can I output those javascript codes? Is there a 'javascript' type like textfield/checkboxes ?

I have tried the code below but string 'Array' is printed on the page instead of js code:

$form['target'] = array(
'#prefix' => '<div id="newuser">' ,
'#value' => drupal_add_js('alert("hello)','inline'),
'#suffix' => '</div>'



drupal_add_js() is for adding script tags to the page. It doesn't go in a form element.

 drupal_add_js('alert("Hello!")', 'inline');

would go by itself on a line. This would add that javascript to the page, so when the page loads you would get a pop-up that says "Hello".

and/or to add markup to the page you would do this:

$form['target'] = array(
  '#prefix' => '<div id="newuser">',
  '#value' => t('Hello'),
  '#suffix' => '</div>'

Which would add the text "Hello" to the form in the newuser div.

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