I would appreciate your help in my problem with html tagging or css class in blocks.

I've tried Field Formatter Class and Field Formatter CSS Class modules, but with those I only could add class to Article, Basic page and own types, which doesn't help me as I don't want to add Read more or RSS. When I definied my new content type, I didn't check the RSS box and I did check the full content box, but stil...

So, is there any module to add CSS class or HTML tag to a block. Different tags, of course for every block.

No PHP please.

Thanks, cs.

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You can use the Block class module which adds a field to each block where a class can be added.

Block Class allows users to add classes to any block through the block's configuration interface. By adding a very short snippet of PHP to a theme's block.tpl.php file, classes can be added to the parent <div class="block ..."> element of a block.

  • Super cool, tahnk you! (:
    – csacsiga
    Jun 7, 2013 at 12:27
  1. There is a method to add class to the BLOCK-VIEW(view in which results of the view would be displayed in a block)

  2. In the Advanced setting tab,which is located near the block settings tab, second last property is to add a css class.

3.save the settings and changes you have made,and now you are done. Your block now has a individual css class.

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