I am updating an old drupal 7 site and many of the old nodes now have newer counter parts with new nodes. Since alot of my old nodes have already been spider-ed, I want to do a 301 redirect to the new nodes. I'm currently doing it manually by deleting the old node and then copying the URL alias into the redirect module and redirect it to the new node path. Is there a easier way to do this if I have 1000 nodes that need redirection?

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    Perhaps you mean 301 redirect? Commented Jun 15, 2013 at 21:34
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    I assume the status code you are looking for is 301 (Moved Permanently) not 403 (Forbidden). 4XX codes do not redirect.
    – Triskelion
    Commented Jun 15, 2013 at 21:34
  • your right. i meant 301 Commented Jun 16, 2013 at 15:58

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Have you tried the Global Redirect module, I think it will do what you are looking for.


Also have a look at this module it is rely handy it searches Google for inbound links to the site. https://drupal.org/project/google301

  • nice find on the google301! ;) Commented Jun 18, 2013 at 0:01
  • Ya its rely handy, it saves a lots of time.
    – Samp
    Commented Jun 21, 2013 at 17:59

Redirect Module + Path redirect import Module

The module Redirect has great options, one of which creates redirects when you rename a page and hence change an alias.

The module Path redirect import works with Redirect and allows you to upload a CSV of redirects (or use Drush), it even checks if a page you are redirecting to exists.

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