I wish to override one of the default css files provided from the theme I am inheriting from. According to Creating a sub-theme page I need to do the following:

Overriding inherited style sheets: Specify a style sheet with the same filename in the sub-theme. For instance, to override style.css inherited from a parent theme, add the following line to your sub-theme's .info file:

stylesheets[all][] = style.css

You will also need to create the style.css stylesheet file; if you simply wish to disable the imported styles, you can create an empty file.

My parent theme (Tao) has a reset.css file. In mytheme I have added the following to mytheme.info

stylesheets[all][]   = reset.css

I have then create a blank file called reset.css and it is in the root of my theme. I have run drush cc all but the parent css file is still being read.

What am I doing wrong?

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Tao inclueds reset for print and for screen so you should override like so.

stylesheets[print][]   = reset.css
stylesheets[screen][]   = reset.css

Using the all array will only override other items in the all array not both screen and print

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