I have a user called a creator who can create a 'skill' content type. When they are logged in, I want them to be able to view a list of the skills they have created. I am a beginner with drupal when it comes to users. What kind of settings would I need on my view so that the view showed only content by the logged in user. I know how to do this with custom code, but would be more convenient to do with views.

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In your Views UI, at the right, expand "Advanced". Next to "Relationships" click "Add" and select "Content: Author". Apply that and make sure the relationship is listed. Next, on the lower left is "Filter Criteria". Click "Add" and way down that list, select "User: Current". Click "yes" for "Logged in user" and you should only see your authored content.


enter image description here Add the fields you want from your skill content type to fields and then simply add a relationship of User: Author and then create a filter using field User:current and make sure you use setting logged on user

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