I have a registration form with different attribute like

Captcha and security questions which are coming from different modules.

I want to change the display order of form elements.

and i am using this code in my custom module

function tenantwallet_form_user_register_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state){
    $form['#pre_render'][] = 'tenantwallet_form_alter_weight';

function tenantwallet_form_alter_weight($elements){

    $elements['field_first_name']['#weight'] = -50;
        $elements['field_last_name']['#weight']= -49;
        #field_company_number, field_secondary_number, field_mobile_or_landline,field_gst_number, field_share_my_info, field_company_logo,field_facebook_id, field_mobile_conformation_code,field_date_of_birth,, field_gender, field_id_proof,field_secondary_id_proof, field_mobile_number,field_promo_emails_notifications,field_sugar_id, captcha, 
        $elements['questions'][0]['question']['#weight']= 45; 

    return $elements; 

But this is not working. Can anybody tell me how to solve this. Thanks


it seems there are different scope in your form . Like question and captcha are in different scope. Try to give weight for each scope too. Then it will work for you. Like


I don't have the possibility to test now, but you should be able to do that directly in the hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() like:

function YOURModule_form_FORM_ID_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {
  $form['elements']['field_name']['#weight'] = 10;
  • this is not working – Rashmi Aug 1 '13 at 4:22

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