Better Exposed Filters is not showing the option for Radio buttons and Check boxes. How do I enable it?

Better Exposed Filter working well and good until I enable the Auto Submit option. My Check boxes are gone and shows simply the list. So I uncheck the auto submit, but still i don't get the options to choose.

The filter criteria are set to "Content: Has taxonomy term"; the selection type is "Dropdown."


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This also tripped me up. The settings weren't where I expected them to be and there were a couple of prerequisites. Maybe this is your issue too?

  1. Create a View and expose a filter
  2. Under Advanced > Exposed form > Exposed form style select Better Exposed Filters
  3. Under BEF Settings roll down to the bottom where there are the Exposed Filter settings and select Checkboxes/Radio Buttons from the drop down menu.

Note: You can't select these settings for filters that don't have a limited number of options. (A title won't work, but a term will.) The documentation says:

BEF only operates on fields that have a limited number of options such as Node:Type or Taxonomy:TermID. Open-ended fields, such as Node:Title, do not work with BEF. Entity References do work, however, if you Enable Render Views filters as select list (a checkbox) in the Entity's entityreference field.

I had utilized the entity reference field pattern. You need to edit the field you are referencing in the Content types > [content type] > manage fields > [field name] > edit. field settings. There, at the bottom of the page under Additional Behaviours you will find a checkbox for Render Views filters. That will allow the aforementioned select box (in BEF settings) to properly display the Checkbox/Radio option.


It's possible to make checkboxes list for nodes. Here is a good manual for Drupal 6: Filtering A View By A List Of Nodes With Checkboxes. It helped me with D7 also.

For Drupal 7 it requires several code modifications. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to add comments on this blog with code changes for D7.

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