I have a view that shows a thumbnail of the node and the teaser of the node for all nodes of a certain content type. What I want to do is to only show nodes tagged with a certain word, using the url

My website taxonomy page has this format /category/tags/beauty

How can I do this?


Add an Argument to your view with Taxonomy: Term ID (with depth). You may want to use %2 for the title (or %3?). At the bottom of the argument config form you'll see "Set the breadcrumb for the term parents."


You can achieve that by using Taxonomy: Term ID as argument and than Validator: Taxonomy term, Argument type: Term name/synonym converted to Tern ID as following:

  1. Create view (as per the requirement) and the the required fields.
  2. Set the path of page display: category/tags/%. (Remember % is at third place, this we will be using in contextual filter).
  3. Add the argument: Taxonomy: Term ID.
  4. Configuring the added argument by adding Validator options: Taxonomy term.
  5. Select Argument type: Term name/synonym converted to Tern ID.
  6. Save the view and clear the cache to check the changes.

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