I've a term reference multi value field. What is the right way to count filled values which is also portable to D8, D9 etc.

The dsm output shows like this:

enter image description here

  • Are you just trying to count the number of items in a $node->field_name, or are you trying to count the inputted values during form validation/submit?
    – hargobind
    Oct 26 '13 at 8:00
  • I mean whenever hook_form_alter is called, I need to count the values.
    – AgA
    Oct 26 '13 at 11:29
$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('entity_type', $entity);

Dealing with entity reference field you can get the identifires like this:

dpm($wrapper->{FIELD_NAME}->value(array('identifier' => TRUE)));
  • $wrapper->{FIELD_NAME}->count() method doesn't exists.
    – D34dman
    Nov 5 '15 at 9:24
  • Just use it, It does exist. Also the dpm($wrapper->{FIELD_NAME}->value(array('identifier' => TRUE))); is good to get all ids from a multivalue field taxonomy reference Apr 6 '17 at 14:41
  • Out of interest, I tested the ->count() it and it works fine. Apr 16 '17 at 6:05

Using Entity Metadata Wrapper, you can achieve it this way.

$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node);
$count = count($wrapper->{FIELD_NAME});

It really depends on the type of field, and on when you are trying to retrieve the values.

During hook_form_alter() for checkboxes, radios, and select fields, the values you are referring to are typically set via the #options property. Example: $form['artist_tags']['und']['#options']. You can wrap that in count() to get the number of values.

During hook_form_validate() or hook_form_submit() or a function called from the $form['#after_build'] property, you will also have access to the number of selected values via $form_state['values']['artist_tags']['und'] (or when $form_state['submitted'] is TRUE, check $form_state['input']['artist_tags']['und']).

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