I'm building an intranet portal for a non-profit organization I work in, and currently figuring out how to make it easier for my colleagues to build a landing page that displays all contents tagged with x. For example, if they create a landing page called Jobs, all contents tagged with jobs will be updated on the Jobs page.

Think of it similar to OpenAtrium where you could create a section, then upon creating a content you could choose which section it will get automatically posted to.

Currently this is doable by:

1) Users creating a tag (i.e 'jobs'), then creating a view to pull all contents tagged with jobs. But this means I will have to give them permission to taxonomy, views, and page manager. Plus, the steps and interface are too daunting.

2) Using Panopoly module, I can easily add a 'content list' pane that can choose between different content type. Unfortunately it doesn't have an option to filter by tags. Is there any way to include this?

Adding content list using Panopoly

Is there a better way to do this?

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You can still do this easily with view panes. They play very nicely together with panels.

First step is to create the vocabulary you want to use / filter on. Then create a view pane with this vocab as an (exposed) filter. By exposing this filter when a user adds this view pane to a panel, that exposed filter becomes a pane configuration option. You can even expose content type as a filter and the user can choose what content types and terms they want to filter on when they add the pane.

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