I'm running Drupal 7 from 2011-01-05 and I'm trying to uninstall Views Slideshow: Cycle (7.x-3.0 alpha1) and Views Slideshow(7.x-3.0-alpha1). I disabled them in the modules list then go to the uninstall list and uninstall them there but they still show up in the modules list and I can't re-install it because it says the modules are already installed.

I've tried clearing the cache.

Any ideas?

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To remove modules, you have to remove them from your server's modules directory (usually sites/all/modules/). Uninstalling through the interface runs the uninstall code provided in the module, typically to remove custom database data and tables that the module may have created.

  • Ah, thank you. Wasn't sure what the proper procedure was.
    – Ross
    Aug 23, 2011 at 19:28
  1. Uncheck the module from your sites

    go to uninstall tab & check the modules you want to uninstall ->uninstall

2. go to sites/all/modules delete the module

3. go to the "database"-> "system" table -> search for that module row & delete (if the row exists)

4. clear the cache

Now it will be removed properly.

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