My goal is to have a menu block on my blog pages with a list of the terms used in the blog posts. So far I have set up a node view for the blog postings. And a term view called topics to display the terms.

It's working, but when I click on a term listed in the block the resulting path is category/topics/term-name. I would like to have a path such as blog/topics/term-name or even better just blog/term-name.

I have looked at the Taxonomy menu settings under the taxonomy/edit/vocabulary but haven't figured out if I can change these settings to get what I want.

I'm using the Pathauto module. Not sure where else to look for an answer. I'm using 6.

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Pathauto gives you the option of defining per taxonomy path patterns. Just set the value for your blog categories taxonomy to blog/topics/[catpath-raw] and regenerate your aliases. These settings are controlled in http://example.com/admin/build/path/pathauto

  • Thank you for the advice. I had begun to figure out it had something to so with the taxonomy paths, but wasn't sure what to do.
    – Arne
    Commented Sep 11, 2011 at 3:37

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