I'm using nrembrowser to provide a media library and allow users to insert media via a wysiwyg interface. The module provides its own view which I've altered. I keep my views in code (using features) but I don't know any way to override an existing module-defined view via code (ie something similar to strongarm, but instead of overriding a variable, it's overriding a view). I've solved the problem by using a nrembrowser hook to change the view to my custom one, but I'd be interested in knowing if I could've overridden the module's default view in some way.


Using hook_views_default_views_alter(). There's a page on this on drupal.org. As far as I know there's no way to have features automatically export an overridden view and put it in a hook_views_default_views_alter(), and it looks like there's actually an issue with using features together with this hook.

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