I'm preparing to install Drupal 6 on an Win2k8 server. I'm still on the fence about using IIS 7 exclusively as the web server, or installing Apache and avoiding IIS 7 altogether. I work on a campus with a lot of different networks & system which mostly run on Windows servers, so I fear that not utilizing IIS 7 in some form may come back to bite me later on.

Anyway-one of the main issues I've seen from folks who've installed Drupal w/o Apache is in configuring clean URLs & URL rewriting. I'd like to ask if it is any easier setting up URL rewriting with the MS URL Rewrite vs. an ISAPI Rewrite module? Is there a major difference between the two modules other than that the full-feature ISAPI modules seem to cost money?

Thank you.


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This should help you out: Clean URLs with IIS

The best method is Microsoft's URL Rewrite Module for IIS7, available via the Web Platform Installer on Windows Server 2008 and Vista. Download and documentation are also available on Microsoft's IIS.Net site. You can also use third party rewrite modules (see list above).

  • Thanks, Bart. I may end up having my employer purchasing Helicon ISAPI Rewrite in case it makes URL rewriting during a website transition easier when lots of links may get screwed up.
    – jkneip
    Oct 5, 2011 at 19:12

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