Trying to customize the look and feel of my quizzes in D7 - and getting overwhelmed. I have the Skeleton base theme installed.

Calling this Part 2 because - this is an extension of How to theme a quiz in D7?.

Help sought: Which CSS files specifically to target to change the Quiz Take page?

I have added the quiz-single-question-node.tpl.php file - and rendered the $question_node->content['body']. And now the quiz works fine... (but without my desired changes yet).

My problem is that the 'body' from above is a fully formed HTML Form of the quiz question. SO, where exactly should I look to: a. change this body to perhaps add a CSS class? b. where should I add the CSS class itself?

Would really appreciate some detailed hand-holding.

Thanks in advance.

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\sites\all\modules\quiz\Quiz.css --> this is the place to change.

CSS class definition to be created for: "quiz-question-body" - this is for the question itself.

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