I have already existing Drupal 7 site, now I got a requirement for the jobs portal for the same site, I found there is a nice drupal distribution Recruiter which exactly satisfies my requirements.

I want to know is there any way that I can integrate this distribution with my existing site, so that i can access the functionality of this distribution from my existing site drupal dashboard, please let me know, I searched a lot on this but did not got any relevant info.

I am thinking of one more option if I will create a multisite on my existing drupal site then can I install this distribution on my multisite.

If any option among these two is possible then please let me know, otherwise I have to create a new installation of Drupal and I do not want two dashboards one of my existing site and other of this distribution.


Have you tried the Recruiter Features module?

You can simply download and enable this feature instead of the install profile and see if it does what you need.

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