I have two content types parts and maintenance. Parts has 3 fields.

  • Oven type
  • Oven Part
  • Parts price

In maintenance i have a entity reference field with autocomplete that points to parts. So now when a user types in a part the autocomplete show a list of possible matches.

The problem is that 2 different ovens can have the same parts but the price is different. So I would like it to be a cascade so that a user can first select the oven and then select the part for this oven.

  • select the oventype
    • show the parts that fit this oven

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It sounds like you want to try to use Reference Field Option Limit:

Example 1:

countries and cities Suppose you want to label articles (or products, or businesses, etc) by both city and country so both can be used for filtering and searching. You could use a hierarchical taxonomy with city terms as children of country terms, but that doesn't make sense when you come to set up Views filters.

With this module, create two separate taxonomies for country and city (or content types, or whatever entity you want to use). Then add a reference field so that each city points to its country: eg, the term 'Paris' has a reference to 'France'.

Then when editing an article, selecting 'France' in the country field will cause the city field to update to show only cities in France.

How you denote the different parts based on their price. I dunno. But you can look at this module and if need use it as a starting point to extend or create javascript behaviors or alter sql queries it's using.

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