I'm having trouble with changing the url of a drupal localisation. All urls are clean, but contain a non-clean localisation part; ?q="language", e.g. ?q=de, ?q=fr. The site runs on nginx + mysql + php5.

I want to change this to either site.tld/"language"/page or to no url at all, e.g. site.tld/page.

How to change this in the rewrite rules?

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This answer should help:

I would try something along the lines of:

location @drupal {
  if ($arg_lang) {
    rewrite ^(.*)$ $arg_lang/$1? permanent;

  rewrite ^ /index.php;

The above assumes that requests with ?lang=XX do not have any other arguments, and that the request does not already have the language prefix in the page request (ex: /XX/node/123?lang=XX).

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