I have a View which shows a list of nodes of a certain type. If I don't want to use additional modules as Panels, CTools, Context, etc... which is the faster and better way of including it in a landing page? I have made a new kind of content for the landing page, with its own URL in PathAuto, and in the template.tpl I embed the Views with views_embed_view. Is it a good idea? Is it the simplest way of doing it? I have managed to get all working but the method seems very cumbersome and strange.

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views_embed_view is a common method of doing it with highly degree of flexibility. Make sure that the type of the view's display (of the embedded view) is Embed. This display type can be made accessible in views UI by enabling it inside view's advanced settings.


probably the most flexible method is to create the View as a block, and then put the block in the appropriate place restricted by content type, url, user, or any other restrictions you wish to impose.

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