I am using Search Api Views module to list some publications. User can filter them using facets. For example he can look for publications only in Kenya.

I want to update the title of my page (view) depending on this user selection.

Here is a screenshot of my application:

enter image description here

I tried to use Facet API Bonus module, unfortunately I cannot figure out how to use it, I looked everywhere, but cannot find where the configuration interface is located..


The solution is on the Facet API Bonus module's project page:

Integration with Page Title module Now you can set search (views) page titles using Page Title module. Module provides possibility to set tokens 'facetapi_results' and 'facetapi_active' groups. So in title we can display number of results on the page or values of active facets. As there can be multiple active facet values please use following pattern to use facetapi_active tokens: list<[facetapi_active:facet-label]: [facetapi_active:active-value]>

This will make coma separated list of active facet labels and their values.

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