I have spent 4 days looking for information on many pages without result, I would like to make a view from which to send an email with the information of a node, with view send and user view I can send emails to those I have select.

But my problem is when to send information from the title of the node, the node apparently not sent. From the panel where the view I can show the node to which I Referencing the URL node /% node / my_view, but apparently not saved when sending mail.

I've found a way to call a certain node with [aet: node: title] and [current-page: url: args: value: 1], but does not work [aet: node:% [current-page: url: args: value: 1]: title].

Any ideas?

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finally I managed to send the fields I need from the node through to post in the view send php code, creating a variable to calculate the node id and then use that variable in the token

$var=token_replace('[current-page:url:args:value:1]', array('node' => $node)); 

[aet:node:<?php echo $var; ?>:title]

This is the list of modules:

  1. tokens,
  2. token filter,
  3. views send,
  4. token tweks,
  5. Advanced Entity Tokens,
  6. mime mail,
  7. mailsystem,
  8. phpfilter

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