My drupal site has a content type called Published which has a image field.When I migrate the site from Win2003 server to CentOS , all the Published node's image field doesn't show. It appears like this:

the image field

when I click the image name it shows in a now tab.

I had do some google,but no result . someone said the directory sitename/default/files should be set 777

but it is 777.

Any suggestions Thanks in advance.


Download raw drupal form drupal.org website, then copy .htaccess file from it to your root directory.

  • Can you tell me why . I have do nothing to the .htaccess file. – user1495331 Jan 4 '15 at 8:02

You should check if the Public file system path is correct on Drupal. If you go to admin/config/media/file-system and change the file path to the sites/default/files.

Here Recommended Permissions for Drupal Files and Folders

  • sites/default 750

  • sites/default/files (including sub folders & files) 755 or 770 *

  • sorry it doesn't work. the Public file system path: sites/default/files. And Temporary directory path: /tmp. and I set all the permission to 777. – user1495331 Jan 5 '15 at 7:02

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