My file attachments are indexed using apachesolr attachments 7.x-1.x-dev. I have a custom module that physically deletes a file using file_delete(), but file still remains in Apachesolr index even after re-indexing. The only way to remove from search results is to delete the index then reindex.

I tried this to no avail:

// Remove file from apachesolr index
$env_id = apachesolr_default_environment();
$entity_type = 'file';
$entity_id = apachesolr_document_id($file->fid, 'file');
apachesolr_remove_entity($env_id, $entity_type, $entity_id);
drupal_set_message('Deleting '.$file->uri.' from private attachments.');

The file is physically removed, but not removed from index.

Any suggestions on how to remove file from apachesolr attachments index/search results after it is deleted?

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From Dileno blog:

If you simply want to delete documents from your Solr index by using the web interface, here's a code snippet that lets you do so:


This lets you delete documents where the id field matches 298253.

If you want to delete items that matches more than one field, just add another query:


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