I want to use tokens in my content but it seems like it doesn't let me. I've found an article about using the Token Filter module but I have not been able to configure it so that it would print. In the README.TXT it says,

Go to /admin/settings/filters and enable the token_filter for any of your existing filter type or if you wish, create a new one.

but my problem is, when I go to (on my installation, I just get to see enter image description here and I'm not sure how I can "enable the token_filter for any of your existing filter type" - may anyone help me?

Thank you!

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Actually in order for this to work you need the token filter module:


Otherwise there is no option in text format config.


README file of D7 version of module seems to be outdated, couple of things to ensure here:

  1. Token filter module is enabled.
  2. Navigate to text format section: Home » Administration » Configuration » Content authoring (URL: <DOMAIN-URL>/admin/config/content/formats)
  3. Either edit any of the existing text formats or else create new text format and select the option: Replace tokens
  4. Now verify Filter processing order present just below this options, to make sure Replace tokens doesn't overridden by some other option.
  5. Check permission for this updated/created text format (required user roles have permission to access this text format)
  6. Try creating content, however ensure the text format is one update/create above.

On Drupal 7, you set the text formats at admin/config/content/formats; so, on your site it should be Click on configure for the format you want to change.


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