Is it possible to separate statistics (like number of views) on shared node on few sites while using Domain Access module, so the same node can be viewed like 50 times on site1 and like 80 times on site2, etc.?

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I haven't actually tested this but you could maybe use separate database tables with different prefixes for the tables that the statistics module provides (accesslog, node_counter).

So your tables might be something like:

  • site1_accesslog
  • site1_node_counter
  • site2_accesslog
  • site2_node_counter

The domain_prefix module handles that. This module was a sub-module included in the main domain access module for Drupal 6 but was separated in Drupal 7.

There is also an issue here which seems to indicate you can use a small snippet of code in a custom module for this instead of using this drupal.org module, which is seemingly not well supported currently.

Keep in mind this is a fairly advanced usage of Drupal so I advise caution and lots of testing. Having said that though the tables you want to split are low risk compared to say the node or users tables.

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