I am trying to make a link on node by returning this array(The array is being formed in the function by the name buildLinks() ):

     $links[$key] = array(

    'title' => $definition['title'],

    'href' => $this->urlGenerator->generateFromRoute('module.show_format.' . $entity->getEntityTypeId(), array('module_format' => $key, 'entity' => $entity->id())),

but on the page the link title is appearing but the link's href value gets lost(I mean title is appearing but it is not appearing as link).What am I doing wrong?

Update: The above array is being returned over here:

    return array(
    '#theme' => 'links__entity__module',
    '#links' => $this->linkBuilder->buildLinks($this->request->attributes->get($entity_type)),

So is there is a possiblity that I am doing something wrong over here?

  • are you sure the $this-> is actually returning a correct value? – Geoff May 22 '15 at 5:46
  • @Geoff yes $this-> is working correctly... – user2750995 May 23 '15 at 15:27

Looks like the documentation around that theme function is out of date. Please open a bug report for that.

Have a look at template_preprocess_links, it is using url, not href. Also not that url is a Drupal\Core\Url object, not a path, so your code should look like this:

$links[$key] = array(
  'title' => $definition['title'],
  'url' => Url::fromRoute('module.show_format.' . $entity->getEntityTypeId(), array('module_format' => $key, 'entity' => $entity->id())),
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