I'm building a function that takes a drupal rendered menu and removes the classes from it so that I can pass it to a jQuery function that'll build a menu from it.

The code i'm using for that is:-

     $tree = menu_tree_all_data("devel-frus");
     $menu = drupal_render(menu_tree_output($tree));
     $nocss = preg_replace('/class=".*?"/', '', $menu);

However menu_tree_output() seems to be only returning the first level of a six level menu when it should be returning the complete menu.

I've tried dsm()'ing $tree to see if all of the menu items are being returned by menu_tree_all_data() and that's fine, however when I dsm() the output of the menu_tree_output() function only the root and first level are returned in the array.

Am I doing something really obviously wrong here?


From what I understand about menu_tree_all_data() you need to supply it a link and depth to give it context (where in the menu tree am I at & how far do I go?). Also drupal_render() expects an argument passed by reference, so there will problems passing the output of function.

// Default to root link w/ a depth 5.
$link = menu_get_item();
$tree = menu_tree_all_data("devel-frus", $link, 5);
$tree_output = menu_tree_output($tree);

// Supply a variable for drupal_render to reference.
$menu = drupal_render($tree_output);

$nocss = preg_replace('/class=".*?"/', '', $menu);

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