I need that all users (anonymous users too) have access to the submissions of a certain type of entityform.

I can set the permission View any entityform submission and it works but for all types of entityform. I also try with hook_access

How can I allow all users to access only a certain type of entityform but not for all types of entityform?

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In filter. Just add.

content: type => is one of (put check mark on all those content types you want. )

And then add permission for that view.

The another way is.

  • Go to permission section under people admin menu.

  • Navigate to node section.

  • You will find your content type name with VIEW,EDIT,DELETE permission with each users.

  • Just put check mark for the user you want to them able too see.

Hope this will work.

  • I'm not using views or nodes. I'm using entityforms that are a type of entity.
    – ilazgo
    Jun 3, 2015 at 7:58

Finally I got a solution:

  1. Alter the hook_menu_alter to call a new access callback for the entityform submissions:

    function mymodule_menu_alter(&$items) {
        $items['entityform/%entityform']['access callback'] = '_mymodule_entityform_access';
  2. Check in the new access callback if the user is annonymous and the type of the entityform:

    function _mymodule_entityform_access($op, $entityform = NULL, $account = NULL) {
        global $user;
        if ($user->uid == 0 && $op == 'view' && isset($entityform) && $entityform->type == 'entityform_type') {
            return TRUE;
        return entityform_access($op, $entityform, $account);

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