Right now I have a redirect in my code:


Per the documentation drupal_goto defaults to a 302 redirect. I want a 301.

However, when I put in:

drupal_goto($path, $http_response_code = 302);

It gives me an error:

Argument 2 passed to drupal_goto() must be of the type array, integer given,

But if I try something like:

drupal_goto($path, array $options = array(), $http_response_code = 302);

...I get this error:

Unexpected '$options'

How can I properly change drupal_goto into a 301 redirect?

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Looks like you're mistaking the function definition for an implementation example.

The function definition describes the arguments to use, but it's not a literal example of how to call it.

So when you want to use the drupal_goto() function, instead of this:

drupal_goto($path, array $options = array(), $http_response_code = 302);

It should look more like this:

drupal_goto($path, array(), 301);
drupal_goto($path = '', array $options = array(), $http_response_code = 302)

Initialize $option as empty array something like this

$options = array();
$path = <your path>;
drupal_goto($path, $option, 301);
  • so I need both lines one after the other?
    – YPCrumble
    Oct 22, 2015 at 20:53
  • it should be like this $options = array(); $path = <your path>; drupal_goto($path, $option, 301);
    – Shabir A.
    Oct 22, 2015 at 20:54

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