I am using organic groups. I have an organic group called A and its group content B. Users have subscribed to group A and created content for content type B.

Now, I created a view of users. There are three columns. One for the usernames.Second one for the uid. And in the third one I want to show the number of nodes of type B created by a user. There is a contextual filter for organic group A.

I am unable to craete the view. Please help.

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If you are happy to use the rules module or the user points module, this is relatively simple. I don't think it's possible using only views.

I would add an integer field to User and have a rule

Event: After Saving New Content
Condition: Entity is of type > Content Type B
Action: Calculate a value > Input 1 = site:current user:field / Operator + / Input 2 = 1

Then display that field in your view.

User points is another option but is unnecessary if you already use rules.

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