I'm trying to create a menu of subgroups for organic groups in d7. I've copied the og list view and made a new view called og subgroups. I made a pane display and configured the pane's argument to be Og group ID from context. I also added the contextual filter: (group) OG group: Og group ID and the relationship: Group: Node group.

When I enter a group ID in the preview field of the view, it loads the appropriate menu items. When I go to the Group variant for the node template in panels, and add the pane as content in the appropriate region panels shows that the argument is group ID, but if I view the group it does not display the pane.

Am I doing something wrong?

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This is what you need to do on the view content pane:

  • Relationships: "Group membership: Node group membership"
  • Contextual Filters: "(group membership) OG membership: Group gid"
  • Pane settings: Argument input: From context > Og group ID

On the panel contexts:

  • Contexts: OG group > Og group from context

Then you should add the view content pane to the panel pane and the argument should automaticaly be set to "OG membership: Group gid" > "OG group".

These are required for it to work, and I'm currently using them.

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