I want to replicate the Drupal "Create Poll,Event" links etc of the Drupal groups. How can I accomplish that with Organic groups? Thanks

  • Do you mean in the sidebar of groups.drupal.org?
    – Grayside
    Mar 26 '12 at 19:34

You can do this using a custom block with format as php option. You need to use l function to generate links.

$links = "";
$linkList .= l(t('Create Poll'), 'node/add/poll', array('html' => TRUE, 'query' => array('gid[]' => arg(1))));
$linkList .= l(t('Create Event'), 'node/add/event', array('html' => TRUE, 'query' => array('gid[]' => arg(1))));
print $links;

In case you use panels, Organic Groups module comes with a content create panel pane that allows to select the content types to include in such a links list.

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