I have create a little fotogallery where I display only the first 3 images, the first "big" on the left side and the other two (small, width / 2 of the big one) on the right side. All images are "linked" to colorbox. If I click on one of these 3 images colorbox "run" (ok, perfect).

Via a div in a absolute position style I have added this phrase "See all NUMBER images". Now I need to link this "phrase" to the event that run colorbox from the first image (the big).

How can i do this ?


This can be achieved with jQuery .trigger() event.

jQuery('#id-of-your-phrase').click(function (e) {

This code will open the colorbox from First Image (the Big).

  • Oh My god! So simple ? Why ??? Thanks and again thanks. – ZioBudda Dec 4 '15 at 16:31

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