I have two views on the frontpage, first one is a gallery and it should show only articles which have "promoted to frontpage" checked. The second view should show all the articles except the ones show in the first view.

I saw this question, but the answer does not help me, because in the second view, i don't want to exclude the "promoted to frontpage" articles, i just want to exclude the first 6 of them, all the other should appear mixed up with the other articles.

I also found this question, but as i use panels, i think it's not working for me.

How can i pass varibales from one view to another, or how to setup conditions to work like that? Or how can i set up more complex filters in a view, like

(promoted_to_frontpage== 1 && offset == 6) || (promoted_to_frontpage == 0)


If your views are not using pager then its easy just add a contextual filter with the following php code

$offset = 5

However, it is very unlikely. The best path is to use hook_views_pre_view($view)

Something like this

function YOUR-MODULE-NAME-HERE_views_pre_view($view, &$items) // note the '&' here!
  global $pager_page_array;

  // if this is our view...
  if ($views->name == "my-view-name" 
       // ..and we're on its first page...
       && $pager_page_array[0] == 0 ) {
    $items = array_splice($items, 0, 5); // ...then eat up the first 5 nodes
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  • but what happens on the second page? – sinini Dec 16 '15 at 16:43
  • if you are using pager, then you should use the second snippet – Shabir A. Dec 16 '15 at 19:22
  • Thanks for your help, in the end, i solved it with the PHP-Code in the contextual filter – sinini Dec 19 '15 at 10:32

Ok in the end, i was able to handle it with the answer of the maclean, which allowed me to configure everything in the views itself:

I have got two different views, not different displays, so in the first view, my gallery, i ad the Content:nid to the available fields and set it to not visible.

In the second view, i use - as he described - the contextual filter content:nid.

enter image description here

Provide default value, enter the code and - also as he described - Under "More" check both "Allow multiple values" and "Exclude".

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